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About me

About me

Name: Lily SusanJane

Age: 11

Pico username is:Lιℓу SυѕαиJαиє (You can add me there! ;) 

Favourite song: You belong with me song by taylor swift <3

2nd favourite song: Baby song by Justin Bieber ;)

Favourite  game: Ameba Pico Virtual World

My favourite motto: No pain no gain.

Favourite colour: blue and white

Favourite TV channel: Cartoon Network, and WWE

Favourite word: Be happy, smile, laugh is good for your live. :D

At school: I am a clever, hard working student

When I grow up, I want to be one of part of NGO organization. But I am young, so i play virtual game to help newbies in pico :D ...  Tackling hug