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Membership pretty girls of PNG

Hello everybody there,
You see the beautiful, kind, smiley faces girls? here it is they are my members so kinds :D

Liℓy SusanJαиє (me, Lily Susan Jane), 11 years old, from Perth, Australia.
Leader of PNG.

lo^ve  1st oldest member of PNG. From Singapore.

amanda zoey, 2nd oldest member of PNG, 10 years old, from Malaysia.

 Kelly L.
our member , from Australia.

 ♡иуαи мσияσє♡™, 10 years old, my sister in pico, member of PNG, from Philippines.

Yuki >///<, PNG member, from Malaysia.

ஐღHannabelleღஐ, my sister in pico, member of PNG, from Australia.

 ♡ נυℓιєԏ 。◕‿◕, member of PNG, from Indonesia, 4 years old.

 ★Tinkerbelle★, newest member of PNG, from Belgium.

Coming soon next PNG membership's pretty girls photos!.............
You can be a girl in this photo too!
Ameba Pico NGO
Short name: PNG

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