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How to collect 1,000 gummies per day!

Hello there! How to collect 1,000 gummies in one day? I have answer. I really try myself to my gummies in my pico. I used to have 1,000 increase my GM. So follow these steps if you want 1,000 gummies per day!

REMARK: You will wait until tomorrow when you props today! I mean if you props everybody today and they props back u today, the gummies will gain  tomorrow!

 STEP # 1: You must go to full people any countries park (English, Tagalog,Bahasa)any one you can go (MUST FULL) minimum (at least) 27 people or 23 people. 

STEP # 2: Props everybody in the whole park or rooms events. Wait 2min until they props back, if they not props u back even you wait,say them "I props everybody in this park already check ur list props me back!" your can edit my words in your chat :)  

STEP # 3: Remember don't go events with small party like props party.

STEP # 4: Go to Miss medical room or Famous hotels, Famous events like this following my photo! 

STEP # 5: Open your house. Ring every buddies everybody you have seen. And one of them will ring you back if they not back, it's ok! Just ring til you tired. Since pico company removed our many gummies we all poor we must tired for searching gummies!

STEP # 6: You must create event Fashion show, Free Gummies HERE!, Date cafe, Trivia 2 player, Maze except Props party, food party! When I create Fashion Show event about an hour, I got 1,409 gummies after i close my fashion show RING numbers is about 109. :)

STEP # 7: Go everywhere FULL especially HOT EVENTS!

I hope this is so easy and I know it because I try when my first experience!!!

Moral: No pain no gain.

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