We help newbies to get star collections.
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Group Hugging Group Hugging

My New Memebers, Happy buddies!

My Happy Buddies

Saturday or Sunday, sometime we have vacation or games in our group. So we play all the time. Sometime 199 call come in to my whisper. So we group go to them and help because 199 call ;)

My newest memeber 2012! They are kind they help newbies!
 A girl who have golden hair is me. Name call   Liℓy SusanJαиє .  My website is http://amebapicongogroup.blogspot.com/ 
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 A girl who is wearing YOU <3 ME dress name call ♡вєяяу™ . Her website is http://strawberry-pico-life.blogspot.com/
A girl who is wearing butterfly wig in her back name call L y η η ♡. Her website is  http://super-pico.blogspot.com/

 Like Korean dress? But we are not korean that's why we say LOL! xD

 Funny? yup!

We sing together because we same dress! <3

Now check out my new members! They all are girls :D.  We have cars to come to your house anytime. So we can help!!!!!!!!!!
We are arriving in someone room. Because she need help :). And by the way i have to tell you something. From the left to right in picture Mutiaraarg, ♥LILAC•LILY♥☜ (Lilac Lily), Lily SusanJane (Me), ♀{CpC}Deandra±. :D they are my new members ;)

Remember we have rest time (break time) when our mission is done. :D  And we go somewhere and sleep each other house. :D  How nice! Join us TODAY!